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Aug 19th ||All About Perspective|| (at Rainbow Room Observation Deck)
Aug 18th What Lifts You?  (at Chinatown/SoHo)
Aug 17th at NYC
Aug 17th the whole world is wild at heart and weird on top  (at Chelsea Area In New York)
Aug 13th ___Going Places___ (at from where you’d rather be)
Aug 3rd …Perfect Sunday in Brooklyn… (at Flushing Av. Brooklyn)
Aug 3rd …love being L O S T in brooklyn… (at Williamsburg Bridge)
Jul 31st B I F F I N G <3 (at 5280)
Jul 29th sometimes Colorado knows best. (at head in the clouds, feet on the ground)
Jul 27th | 9,719 notes 
ph. Agnes Lloyd-Platt
Jul 13th | 43,787 notes
Jul 12th Mood Swings (at Downtown Denver)
Jul 5th Betches love Aspen! // #maroonbells #betcheslovethiscity #aspen #vscotravel #vscopros (at Aspen, Colorado)
Jul 2nd BLACK is my happy color
Jun 24th M A I N S T R E A M (at  ☼ )